Walkaway Joe

Move Over Dazed and Confused – Matthew McConaughey’s Acting Debut Actually Came About Courtesy of Trisha Yearwood

Most people might think Matthew McConaughey’s acting debut happened in Dazed and Confused but they’re wrong. In 1992 just a year before Dazed, Matthew was cast as “Joe” in Trisha Yearwood’s music video ‘Walkaway Joe.’ The video also features yet another famous Texan – Don Henley. The Eagles frontman is from Gilmer, Texas.

A fresh faced 23-year old Matthew McConaughey seems all charming at first but near the end we realized why he earned the title of “Walkaway Joe.” From the hair, to the clothes, to the filming style, this video is very early 90’s and we love it!

Watch Matthew McConaughey’s acting debut right here:



Trisha Yearwood claims she’s never met Matthew McConaughey despite him starring in her music video. Her scenes were filmed in Nashville, while Matthew’s scenes were shot right here in Austin. She says they’ve just kept missing each other throughout the years.

Despite everything we’re glad to hear that Matthew’s first acting job was still right here in Austin! He might not have had any speaking lines but he made up for it later in Dazed and Confused.


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