Could Woody Harrelson Move To Austin?

Yes, the answer is yes. While appearing on Willie Geist’s Sunday Sit Down, the podcast that accompanies his Sunday Today interviews, Woody Harrelson told the NBC News anchor that Austin IS where he would move if he returned to Texas.

During the pair’s chat on the patio of the Four Seasons during SXSW, Geist asked Harrelson about how great Austin is.

“This is a great town, you know,” he said. “And being a Texan, it’s just getting to come home. Even though I didn’t live in Austin…”

“But I could see living in Austin. This is where I WOULD live.”

– Woody Harrelson

The Oscar-nominated actor went on to say that he’s thought about moving here and “hounding Willie and Matthew and everyone else.”

In response to that, Geist stated, “That is some trouble right there.” Indeed it would be.

Asked if his wife and daughters would go for a move to Texas, Harrelson replied, “Well, that is who I’ve been talking to about it and they seem to be a little bit underwhelmed.”

They currently live in Maui, but who knows? They might end up living in Texas soon if Woody can talk his family into the move. Moving to another country can be stressful and expensive, so it’s important that his family are confident that they do want to move before they start making plans. If they do eventually decide to move over there, they should really try and find a transportation company, like CSA Transportation (, to help them safely transport their possessions over to Texas. As it’s such a lovely place to live, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that the family do decide to move over there.

Harrelson was in Austin for the premiere of the Netflix film The Highwaymen, available for streaming on March 29.

Though we weren’t able to get to the screening, we did cross paths with Woody at the Four Seasons’ Live Oak Bar. We also caught a glimpse of co-star Kathy Bates at the Texas Film Awards red carpet. See those pictures here.

And speaking of celebs moving to Austin, during ACL Radio’s Live Morning Broadcast at the W Austin during SXSW, Edie Brickell was asked if she and husband Paul Simon might relocate to the ATX. “We’re looking,” she replied.

All photos courtesy of Willie Geist on Instagram.

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