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Top 5 moments from the SNL finale

Gotta hand it to Saturday Night Live; that finale was well done. By steering clear of so many political jokes and just sticking to more traditional off-the-wall funny, we got to see an episode reminiscent of what’s made SNL great over the years.

Here are five of our favorite moments from the SNL finale.

5 – Weekend Update

Weekend Update, which often consists of a string of political jokes, contained very few this week. Instead, we got a few funny moments, including an appearance by drunk uncle (who attempted to hush Colin by putting his finger in his mouth – twice) and a spot-on joke about the trendy “romphim.”

4 – Scorpio Skit

When host Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson plays a character hoping to become the city’s much needed vigilante superhero, Scorpio, ladies can’t stop raving about his well crafted costume.

3 – Opening Monologue

In the opening monologue, The Rock announces his bid for President in 2020, with Tom Hanks as his running mate. This bit could have fallen really flat. Luckily, it did not. #JohnsonHanks2020

2 – WWE Promos

This silly bit brought about spontaneous laughter more than once. Johnson’s Koko WatchOut character got way too personal with his insults. And it was way funny.

1 – David S. Pimpkins

Since Tom Hanks was on set for the opening monologue, the writers found a hilarious way for him to reprise his role as David S. Pumpkins. In a video spoofing music collaborations that include a ridiculous amount of artists on a track, the character was included, though in this instance, he’s using the moniker David S. Pimpkins. Touche.

What did you think of the SNL finale?

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