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Top 10 TV Show Musicals That Need to Happen

Inspired by a viewing of Full House The Musical, the ATXgossip gals compiled a list of the 10 TV show musicals that deserve to be made for the stage.

This one is sure to be a classic as the choices include song titles and tunes as well. You’re welcome.

You’ll have to skim the video to get more details on why and how we made these selections. But if you simply want to know which shows we chose, here you go (if you listen to just one, I recommend Dukes of Hazzard. We got deep on that one).

1 – Smash (discussion starts at :35)

2 – Gilmore Girls (diatribe begins at 1:25)

3 – Friday Night Lights (at 2:50)

4 – Dukes of Hazzard (at 4:00)

5 – Boy Meets World (at 5:35)

6 – The Wonder Years (at 6:30)

7 – Sex and the City (at 7:50)

8 – Mad Men (at 9:35)

9 – The Walking Dead (at 10:45)

10 – Breaking Bad (at 12:40)

You probably won’t be amused at my soundtrack ideas as we are. But, hey, if you have better song suggestions, we’d love to hear them. Please post below and we’ll start working on them STAT.

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