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Made in America – Top 10 Texas films

Well, the title kind of says it all, doesn’t it? We’re talking Texas film in this edition of Made in America.

You can look forward to profiles of the best movies shot in each state coming soon. But, first, we start with the state where everything’s bigger, including the list of films shot there.

It was a tough task, but we narrowed the massive list down to our top 10.

Here’s the full video with the breakdown of the Texas films we list below.


1 – Office Space (@2:15)

2 – Dazed and Confused (@4:45)

3 – Boyhood (@8:10)

4 – What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (@9:30)

5 – Hope Floats (@11:45)

6 – Selena (@15:10)

7 – Varsity Blues (@17:20)

8 – Johnny Be Good (@20:00)

9 – The Rookie (@23:00)

10 – Reality Bites (@25:25)

Of course, we couldn’t stop there. We also chose a one to grow on, and it’s another Sandy Bullock classic – Miss Congeniality.

Did we miss one of your faves? Let us know in the comments below. 

We’re getting peachy with Georgia next. 

Stay tuned…

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