Top 10 best moments of Moontower Comedy Festival 2017

With three nights of all-star comedy, there was something for everyone at Moontower Comedy Festival 2017. But there were some extra special laugh out loud moments that stood out as the best things about this year’s fest, which just so happened to be our first.

Here are the 10 best moments of Moontower Comedy Festival 2017.

10 – Voodoo doughnuts

At Friday night’s happy hour event, Voodoo Doughnut supplied these sweet treats, which included a super-sized doughnut featuring Ali Wong.

Moontower Comedy Festival 2017

9 – Melissa Villasenor

The Saturday Night Live star busted out quite a few entertaining vocal impressions during her Friday night set at the Showtime House. We’re pretty sure her talent is being wasted at SNL.

8 – Michelle Wolf

The memorable ginger’s opening set for Ali Wong was way too short.

7 – Brad Williams

Not only were his sets great, but following his Friday night routine at the Showtime House, Brad Williams wandered the crowd and high-fived everybody in sight.

6 – Dana Gould

The topics of Dana Gould’s set included Ronald Reagan, dick pics and clown rape. If that doesn’t intrigue you, we don’t know what will.

5 – Chris Hardwick

The host of one of our favorite podcasts (Nerdist) and The Talking Dead ended his set with two very funny musical performances. The later concluded like this…

4 – This seat for Chris Hardwick

Thanks to festival sponsor, THIS was our seat for Chris Hardwick.

3- The Sklar Brothers

The Sklar Brothers are masters at pandering to the crowd and their jokes about Austin were spot on.

2 – All the Jokes about Austin

And the Sklar Brothers weren’t the only ones who took shots at the ATX. We highlighted 10 of the best jokes over at

1 – Ali Wong

Our number one moment was Ali Wong. She had us in tears and was most definitely the highlight of the festival.



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