The Top 10 Austin Celebrities

Austin has always been a city celebrities love to visit but ever wondered what Austin celebrities call the ATX home? Wonder no more!

One of the many reasons celebrities love Austin is that, for the most part, they can go anywhere and no one will bother them. Plus, the city has a lot to offer beyond privacy: the food and vibrancy of the capital city as well as the real estate is enough to draw anyone in, even some of Hollywood’s finest! You can learn more about some of the fantastic real estate opportunities in Austin, Texas, on the CAYENA website. Ultimately, the diverse range of properties in Austin ensures that there really is something for everyone in this fantastic city.

Here are ATXgossip’s top 10 favorite Austin celebrities!

Matthew McConaughey

Instagram @Mcconaughey_wisdom

Alright, alright, alright! Is there anything more Austin than Matthew McConaughey? The Dazed and Confused actor was born and raised in Texas.

You’re sure to see him at his old alma mater, UT for a football game. Or you might catch him at one of the various organizations he volunteers at around town like Meals on Wheels and his own philanthropy foundation, the Just Keep Livin’ , which sets up health programs in inner-city high schools. You might even see him out for a night on the town.

The man may have made it in Hollywood but he never forgot his southern charm. In 2012, McConaughey moved his wife and three kids to Austin to be closer to his mother. Over the years the city often gets a glimpse of the man out and about and it’s usually a story worth telling. Ask anyone in Austin and they may or may not have a legit McConaughey story to tell!

Willie Nelson

Instagram @Willienelsonoffical

Austin locals love themselves some Willie. If you need proof, check out the two murals of Nelson and a statute of the man himself on none other than the street that’s named after him, Willie Nelson Boulevard. Nelson is also an Honorary Chairman of the advisory board of the Texas Music Project.

The 86-year-old country star has lived in various locales around the US and while you can take the man out of Texas, you can’t take Texas out of the man. Willie was born in Abbott, Texas and now spends most of his time between his Luck, TX ranch in Spicewood and his home in Maui. Having lived in multiple cities in Texas in his 86 years, I wonder what Willie would have to say about the changes he’s seen in our great state, especially Austin.

One thing that hasn’t changed and never will… this city’s love for Willie.

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles

Instagram @Jensenackles

The Supernatural on screen brothers both returned to their Texas roots a few years back, moving their families to Austin.

Former Gilmore Girls actor Jared Padalecki was born in San Antonio but now lives in Austin with his wife Genevieve Cortese and their three children. Padalecki loves Austin so much he named one of his sons Austin! When he’s not filming in Vancouver he’s in Austin spending time with his family, being active in the community, hanging out on Lake Travis and overseeing his bar San Jac Saloon on 6th Street.

Dallas native Ackles followed in the footsteps of his co-star and set down roots in Austin as well. Much like Padalecki, Jensen opened his own business, a brewery named Family Business Beer Company in Dripping Springs. The name of the company is an ode to Supernatural, which is coming to an end after a 15 year run. Jensen lives on the lake with his wife, Danneel and their three children. Recently their Austin home was featured on Architectural Digest where they gave readers a glimpse inside their home which happens to feature a lot of local Austin designers and artists.

The dynamic duo have become household names all over the world due to 15 years on air but in Austin they can lay low and enjoy their families. Except on June 23, that is! Padalecki and Ackles have become so important to Austin that Major Adler declared June 23 to be Supernatural Day in Austin.

Ethan Hawke

Facebook @Ethan Hawke

The Before Sunrise indie king is an Austin native, born to two 17-year-old UT students. While Hawke only lived in Austin for a short time, he never quite let go of Texas. He talks about growing up and experiencing Texas summers with his dad, listening to Willie Nelson and his grandfather who served as a Texas House Representative for more than 10 years. Hawke has written several books based on Texas and said he always felt connected to Austin.

In 2005 he was inducted into the Texas Film Hall of Fame and he’s premiered many movies at SXSW. He even wrote one called Blaze based on the life of Austin country musician Blaze Foley. And in August of 2018, Hawke was a guest editor for The Austin Chronicle where he went into depth about politics and his connection to Texas.

He might not be a resident of Austin but being a Texan is more than an address.

Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton

Youtube @SSFMA

That’s right, Coach and Tammy Taylor are both Austin residents. The Friday Night Lights actors really take the term “Texas Forever” to heart. Though FNL wrapped in 2011, the twosome decided to keep ties to the ATX. While Britton splits her time between homes in LA, Tennessee, New York and Austin, Chandler spends most of his time on his 33-acres in Dripping Springs.

Youtube @Erica Wollman

In 2018, Britton was spotted out and about in Austin with celebrity friends celebrating her 50th birthday! And though Chandler enjoys the city from time to time, but prefers the quiet and space only Texas can offer.

Over the years both Kyle and Connie have told the media stories about falling in love with Austin while shooting the first few years of Friday Night Lights. One of our favorites involves the TV power couple meeting up at Jo’s Coffee to go over lines together.

So, next time you’re standing inside a Jo’s just think of how many times Chandler may have uttered the words, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” while enjoying your coffee!

Taylor Kitsch

Yet another Friday Night Lights cast member who fell in love with Austin and decided to call it home. The Canadian model turned actor who plays everyone’s favorite bad boy Tim Riggins on FNL decided to fill his own characters prophecy of getting land and living large in Texas. The American Assassin actor may be off filming for most of the year but when he’s home in Austin you can spot him at Jo’s, his favorite coffee spot, out with friends, or even at the gym.

Kitsch, like most of our other Austin Celebrities, also hosts charity events in Austin. Taylor partakes alongside Connie Britton in African Children’s Choir events almost ever year. He even hosted a Rock the Brazos new year’s event a few years back! Last year Kitsch attended ATX TV Festival to talk about playing David Koresh in Waco.

We’ve talked to Taylor a few times over the years while he’s been in Austin promoting his work and we have to say it’s always fun to talk to someone who loves Austin as much as we do. Want more of Taylor talking about his love for Austin? Check out the interview we did with him a few year back when he was in town promoting American Assassin.

Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker

Instagram @Brooklyndecker

One plays sports and one was on the cover of Sports Illustrated. This adorable Austin celebrity duo met in 2003 and got married in Austin in 2009.

Roddick wasn’t born in Austin but he lived here from ages 4 to 11. Apparently, Austin left so much of an impression that Roddick ended up moving back for good. And he convinced the North Carolina born Decker to come along for the ride.

The former pro tennis champ announced his retirement at the 2012 US Open, deciding to focus more on family and the Andy Roddick Foundation which is based in Austin.

Though their family is growing (the couple now have two kids), they recently decided to downgrade from their $5.95 million dollar Hill Country mansion. But don’t worry, they’re not going anywhere. They recently invested in Tiff’s Treats! While the couple try to lay low for the most part, they can be seen at the annual Andy Roddick Foundation Gala in Austin every year and other events around Austin.

Well, there you have it, our top 10 Austin celebrities. Some may say Austin is a lot like Los Angeles but we’re pretty sure Austin is better. But we might just be a little biased.

Did we miss your favorite Austin celebrity? Comment below and stay tuned. They just might make it on our next list!

This post was completed with reporting assistance from Sofia Herrera.

Featured photo courtesy of @WWE on Twitter.

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