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Sister Hazel Saves Kittens Trapped in Tour Bus

Here’s a feel good story we love! The alternative band Sister Hazel members aren’t only rock stars, but they are animal rescuers too!Sister Hazel

Last week, while traveling from Nashville to Florida, the band discovered six kittens trapped in the front of their tour bus.

Ken Block, lead singer and guitarist said it was “The CRAZIEST thing ever!”

The kittens were stuck under the band’s bus in the battery storage compartment for a total of 15 hours.

The kittens are now safe and sound and available for adoption! That’s right, you can take home the ultimate band souvenir. If you live near Ocala, FL, that is! The kittens are available for adoption at Melissa Bell’s Rescue. It’s so important when you adopt a kitten or cat to read up on all the advice and guidance available on

If adopted , we complied this list of suggested names:

  • Hazel
  • Hazelnut
  • Nutella (Ella for short)
  • Roadie
  • Groupie
  • Hazel Head (as Melissa Bell’s Rescue refers to them)

Those who follow the band know that they are not strangers to philanthropy.

“Lyrics for Life” is a charity founded by Ken Block that takes proceeds from concerts and auctions for cancer research. The charity has quite an extensive list of artists who have contributed to the foundation over the years; from Paul McCartney, Kid Rock, Kiss, Lady Antebellum and John Mayer.

To find out more about “Lyrics for Life” and adopting one of those precious kittens from Melissa Bell’s Rescue visit their pages:

Lyrics for Life

Melissa Bell’s Rescue

Now, feel free to baby talk and pet your screen as you look at these adorable kitten!

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