ATX Gossip Review: Hustlers – Could Jennifer Lopez Get Oscar Nom?

Apparently, the buzz at TIFF was that Hustlers could garner Jennifer Lopez an Oscar nomination.

Vanity Fair even said this in a recent article:

The Daily Beast bluntly asserted that “J. Lo Should Be an Oscar Contender for Hustlers.” IndieWire proclaimed her “genuinely deserving of awards consideration.” And Variety wrote, “If there’s any justice, Jennifer Lopez will receive her first Oscar nomination for channeling the ringleader Ramona as Erin Brockovich by way of Matthew McConaughey in Magic Mike.

I don’t know about all that.

Hustlers is enjoyable and I have no real complaints about the film. But an Oscar contender? Not if I was voting.

Don’t get me wrong, J Lo is good. So is Constance Woo. But this is not the best thing they’ll ever do.

I’d guess the film will more likely be recognized for the work done behind the camera. Not only does it feature an all female cast, it was also directed and edited by women. Let’s all give a little hair flip for that.

Courtesy ot STXFilms.

Other cast members are entertaining as well (KeKe Palmer, Lili Reinhart, Cardi B, Lizzo), but they aren’t playing roles that are any different from what they usually do.

The dancing is good, these ladies all look freaking amazing (J Lo is a beast) and their commitment to the roles is commendable. You should see this movie.

But is Hustlers the best film (or performance) you’ll see this year? I think not.

Hustlers opens in theaters nationwide on September 13.

Featured photo courtesy of STXFilms.

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