Meet the ATXgossip Gang

Dani Dudek 
Creator | Editor

As a television producer and marketer, Dani has lived and traveled all over the country, but Austin is the place she always called home. After two decades and four Emmy Awards, she left the TV biz and returned to the ATX to pursue other passions, which includes helping local businesses build their brand through new media opportunities. She loves sharing adventure with others while being out and about in and around Austin and is a pro at spotting celebs. Whether she’s convincing Matthew McConaughey to buy her a drink, sharing the first class cabin with Willie Nelson or face planting in front of the entire Southern Charm cast (yep, that really happened), you can always count on Dani for a fun story. She also serves as the Editor-In-Chief for and Contact her at

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Twitter: @ATXgossipDani
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Lola Hagopian
Managing Editor | Professional Wearer of Hats

Hollywood born, Texas bred, Lola has worn many hats including, but not limited to, fashion and concert photographer, promoter, event planner, florist and columnist. While Lola resides in Dallas, she calls herself a part time Austin local due to the fact that she’s lived here, is constantly traveling here and the ATX is where her heart belongs. Despite the many hats she’s worn, the one she has merely tried belongs to the entertainment industry (her fave!). As a teenager, while other girls dreamt about pop stars, Lola idolized people like Peter Travers (Rolling Stone movie critic),  JJ Abrams and Quentin Tarantino. She’s always had a unique voice and uses it to create a narrative in various aspects of her life. For now, she’s using it to cover entertainment in both Dallas and Austin for ATXgossip as well as serving at the Content Guru at and You can contact her at

Twitter: @DearLola
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