Matthew McConaughey’s Mom Kay McConaughey Featured on Today Show Series

Matthew Mcconaughey’s mom Kay McConaughey was recently featured on the Today Show.

In the segment that aired as a part of Sheinelle Jones’ Through Mom’s Eyes series, she shares her struggles with conceiving and her surprise at becoming pregnant for a third time with the Oscar winner.

“I mean, what a blessing he is,” McConaughey said. “This child is a gift from God, and that’s what the word ‘Matthew’ means, ‘gift of God.’”

The Sun City resident also spoke about how MM’s acting career began.

“Nobody even thought about [acting] in our family,” she said. “We were all jocks. [Matthew] wanted to be a lawyer, until [casting director] Don Phillips saw him in a bar. He said, ‘I need someone to play Wooderson in this movie, “Dazed and Confused.'” And Matthew said, ‘Sure, I’ll do it.”‘

Matthew did, however, still have to officially audition.


OMG. He is SO. Freaking. Cute!

Watch the full Today Show interview with Kay McConaughey here.

Want to read more about Kay? Check out this post we published when my own mama ran into her up in Georgetown.

Featured photo courtesy of Today.

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