Matthew McConaughey Hurricane

Hurricane Matthew… McConaughey that is

OK, I admit it. I find this meme of a Matthew McConaughey hurricane amusing.Matthew McConaughey Hurricane

I had no idea, though, that a friend would actually spot Matthew McConaughey as Hurricane Matthew was bearing down on the East Coast.

But that’s exactly what happened.

While East Coasters “hunkered down,” yes, I said hunkered down (because I’ve heard the phrase used about 25 times today), Matthew McConaughey and family were enjoying weekend two of the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Besides taking in this set by Foals, the fam was seen enjoying the Austin Kiddie Limits area.

Damn it! Why did I have to choose weekend one? mm2At least we were sporting the same hat. That counts for something, right?

Oh, no? It actually doesn’t?





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