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Kelly Clarkson almost upstaged by child at Texas Book Festival. Almost.

kelly clarksonAs singer/ songwriter and now author Kelly Clarkson was addressing the crowd at the Texas Book Festival, she was just about upstaged by a little girl named Hazel*.

You see, Hazel had wandered onto the stage and despite her mother’s pleas, was not about to give up her moment in the spotlight.

Even if it was Kelly Clarkson’s spotlight.

Illustrated in the video below, Clarkson was completely charming as she chatted with the child about her lollipop, her age and assured her mother that all was good.

“I’m not going to do anything to her, ” the Texas native said, and then joked, “I only beat my own children.”

This was followed by, “But that’s Texas,” which, of course, garnered big laughs from the crowd.

A graduate of Burleson High School near Dallas, Clarkson has been in the spotlight since becoming the very first American Idol in 2002. Since then, it’s been onward and upward. Much like the magical balloon used as a mode of transportation in her children’s book River Rose and the Magical Lullaby.

And that brings us to the reason Clarkson was in Austin on Sunday. To read from and discuss her book, inspired by a lullaby she wrote for daughter River Rose, now almost two-and-a-half.

It's a family affair when Clarkson's on the road. That's hubby Brandon Blackstock helping with autographs and photos.
It’s a family affair when Clarkson’s on the road. That’s hubby Brandon Blackstock helping with autographs and photos.

She spoke about the inspiration for her writing, the pressure to pen another for her nearly newborn son and how involved she was in the publication process. While doing so, she continuously brought the crowd to a roar with her colorful commentary and wit.

And just before Hazel was finally hauled off by mom, Clarkson stopped mid sentence to say the tot was “rocking a really awesome diaper right about now.” The audience guffawed, Hazel smiled and her mother rushed the stage as Clarkson continued, “It’s OK, baby girl. You gotta let it go like Frozen.”

Of course, the session couldn’t end without someone asking the Grammy winner about her music.

Next up for the Idol, a soulful rock album which, she says, is more like the type of music she originally performed on American Idol. And, she continued, what people expected of her after she won the title.

You can also hear Clarkson on the upcoming Hamilton Mix Tape.

She sings It’s Quiet Uptown on the mainstream release of the smash Broadway soundtrack. Speaking of Broadway, when asked if she would like to take to the stage, she said it’s not a matter of if.

“I definitely want to do it, but it’s a matter of what,” she concluded.


If you weren’t already smitten with Clarkson, you surely would be following this appearance.

This tweet shared immediately following the session sums it up perfectly.

Watch Kelly Clarkson sing the lullaby from River Rose and the Magical Lullaby:

*Upon further inspection, it was discovered that Hazel is actually a boy named Heshel.

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