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Jared Padalecki Fans Show Support Following Austin Arrest

After the unfortunate news of the Jared Padalecki arrest broke Sunday, fans flocked to all forms of social media to show support for the Supernatural star.

As we posted in our Instagram story, “Shit happens.” We’ve all had a drunken night where we did something we regretted. I’m sure this situation will lead to a message of positivity from the actor and it may even prompt some kind of change in his personal life that will make him a bigger and better person.

That time Jared Padalecki photobombed me and some co-workers at an ACL party in 2010.

I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Jared and his wife Gen multiple times throughout the years (going back to 2010). They are very down to earth people who are just trying to make it in this world like the rest of us, focusing on raising their family while maintaining a happy marriage and successful career. But we all know the pressures that come with making it all work. It isn’t easy for any of us. And like Jared, I have suffered from depression and anxiety and know that it can be an overwhelming struggle.

Sending all the love and strength to Jared, Gen and all their friends and family today. This too shall pass.

Here are some of the best messages of support we found online.


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jared is human, he is going to make mistakes. we all do. why is it that because he’s a public figure he is to be held to a higher standard? now i’m not saying what he did is okay, i’m not justifying it, but i am recognising that he’s not the only person to get drunk and do something of the sorts . i am recognising that i don’t know the whole situation. i don’t know the circumstances or what actually led to this happening. none of us do. media outlets such as TMZ are biased (trash – seriously just google TMZ lawsuits – you’ll see) and it’s important to recognise that there is always more than one side to a story. until a reliable source steps forward and brings some light to the situation, i think we need to stop jumping to conclusions and cancelling jared. cancelling culture is disgusting. people are really blowing this out of proportion. there isn’t near enough information to form a sound opinion. i for one am worried about him, and his mental health. please, if you disagree with my approach to this situation – that’s fine – but don’t attack me. like i said, i’m not saying what we saw him do is okay, but i am saying we don’t know why. i’m also saying with jared’s history this has me worried for him. he is so important to me and i feel sad and concerned about all this. if you feel the same, you are not alone. always keep fighting

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We stand with Jared Padalecki and wish him nothing but the best.

For more info on his arrest, click here.

15 thoughts on “Jared Padalecki Fans Show Support Following Austin Arrest

  1. Thank you so much for posting something that wasn’t bashing jared! He is a man and he made a mistake. We all do. The thing about mistakes though, you grow from them! No one is condoning his behavior, but he also shouldn’t be bashed over it just because he is a celebrity. We love you Jared! #Hugs4Jared #SupportJared #SPNFamily

  2. Jared is such an Inspirational and giving Soul. I’m So Sorry to hear that he is going thru this. We don’t know the full Story and shouldn’t jump to Conclusions. He has been a Strong key role model for those whom are struggling with Mental Health Issues. It’s difficult for me as a Parent who has a Child with both Anxiety and Depression. You would never know that he is. I Love his role as Sam and also Jared the Man. We should not Condemn him, he’s not Perfect and Simply a Man that has made a Mistake. Stay Strong Jared and keep your head up! Always your Supporter. “This to shall Pass”. Supernatural and Jared Fan to the day I die.

  3. THANK YOU for being a rare POSITVE beacon in this muddy media mess!!!! I sure wish everyone would cover Jared equally as enthusiastic when the news are GOOD and he is his usual hardworking, generous, kind and amazing self!!!!

  4. I support Jared 100% he will get better in time. You got this Jared
    #supernaturalfamily #alwayskeepfighting

  5. You are human, we all make mistakes and do stupid things. Its not the end of the world, and that does not make you a bad person, or terrible. We all have had something we did in our lives, we are human and we make mistakes that does not make anyone bad. Im still a forever fan and i love sammy and supernatural. Keep your head up, this soon will pass and keep being strong. All of your fans support you 100%.

  6. Jared and family members of Supernaturalfans sending love and hope we’ll get there yet. Times have to wait until the end but we have each other’s company that is what matters until….anytime faced with you guys talking about u. Hang in there and then do what’s best for…..hugs.

  7. There is NO excuse for his behavior. I could care less about this guy but if your 40 and have 3 kids then it’s time to get your act together and grow up. Nice example he’s setting for his kids what a douche

    1. You obviously have no experience with depression, addiction and and are a perfect human being who makes no mistakes and has no concept of forgiveness. Congratulations.

  8. He is an aspiration as a person and as a special actor. Everyone has lapse. Never give up on those special people. Keep them strong . I have watched you so many seasons Jared. You are people that look up to you. MY daughters cat IS NAMED AFTER Cass. Stay stong. I believe on Jared

  9. You are an Inspiration to many across the world, even though many of us have not met you personally, we have your back.
    I for one am grateful for you, you have helped me during my dark days, now I am there for you during yours.
    Your family stands United and we have your back, hope you get to feel the love we ate sending your way.

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