Austin is so popular

It’s official, Austin is too popular! Even God wants to move to Austin

On CBS’s The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night, Austin received some high praise.

During the host’s nightly monologue, God himself affirmed what we already know; Austin is too popular!

After Colbert filled the audience in on President Trump’s announcement that officially recognizes Jerulsalem as the capitol of Israel, her offered his theory that Trump might be trying to appeal to his Christian base.

That’s when “God” (a recurring character in the host’s bits) appeared. Asked if he intends his return to The Holy City, “God” said: “No way.”

He then proceeded to say, “Thinkin’ about moving to somewhere more laid back like Austin. It’s my favorite city in the whole United Shursh.” The mispronunciation of word “states” was another not so subtle stab at the President, who noticeably slurred his words during his announcement.

Watch the clip in its entirety below. Or, if you’d like to simply see God endorse the ATX skip ahead to 4:35.


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