Napoleon Dynamite

Gosh! Napoleon Dynamite Is Still So Great

Napoleon Dynamite is showing on the big screen all over the country and last night the tour made a stop at the Paramount and we were there!

I must say, this movie is a true classic because it still holds up. And I believe it always will.

In addition to seeing adult fans get into the spirit of the event, it was even more fun to see all the young fans who’ve embraced this film as well.

I mean, these girls are absolutely adorable, are they not?

And this family wins everything!

Following the screening, there was a conversation With Jon Heder (Napoleon), Efren Ramirez (Pedro) and Jon Gries (Uncle Rico). Even after all these years, it’s still amusing to me to see how people react to Jon Heder. It seems everyone expects him to actually look like the character at all times. 

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If the film screens in a theater near you and you’re wondering if you should ante up and see it again, I have two words for you. Heck yes!

By the way, we gave away a pair of tickets to the show to one of our followers on Instagram. Make sure you’re following @atxgossip so you can get in on all of our great giveaways!

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