Franklin Barbecue

Gordon Ramsay eats Franklin Barbecue in Austin during Formula 1 weekend

Chef Gordon Ramsay was on Jimmy Kimmel this week and raved about his recent experience at Austin’s famed Franklin Franklin BarbecueBarbecue.

Kimmel is no stranger to Austin or Franklin. In fact, he did a mini BBQ tour one year during SXSW.

“One of the great dining spots in all of the United States.” – Jimmy Kimmel speaking of Franklin Barbecue.

Until now, it was reported that President Obama was the only person ever allowed to cut the line. However, Ramsay apparently got a little chef perk and didn’t have to wait either.


Ramsay, who was in town for the Formula 1 race at Circuit of the Americas, had dinner at Emmer & Rye as well, according to Eater Austin.

The Hell’s Kitchen host wasn’t the only celebrity out at the track. Page Six reported that Taylor Kinney was there with a woman who is rumored to be his new girlfriend.

While in town to perform with Usher out at the track, Questlove of The Roots also munched on Franklin Barbecue, 30 minutes prior to hitting the stage. Side note: he does not recommend that practice.

Also at the race, Taylor Swift, who performed for the first time in almost a year, actor Gerard Butler and athletes Lindsey Vonn and Venus Williams.

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