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Get Your Scream On With Austin’s House of Torment

Believe it or not, I’d never been to a House of Torment. That’s pretty crazy considering I’ve been in Austin for 12 years! But it’s all good because I finally checked it out and it did not disappoint.

I didn’t realize how large of an event it is. There are three haunts, each with their own theme. Plus, there’s the option to add on an escape room experience and axe throwing, where Third Eye Blind was throwing down right before we arrived. Those who find themselves wanting more escape room experiences may want to try out a Red Door Escape Room for themselves to see what they’re missing out on. Or, if you’re not in the Austin area but are curious about the concept, you could look for a company that hosts rooms nationwide. Great Room Escape is one of them, with rooms based from all the way in Ohio to one actually based here in Austin, Texas, and all in-between.

There’s also a full bar at the Torment Tavern to help calm your nerves before you enter the haunts… and after as well. They even offer a special House of Torment Pumpkin Ale from nearby 4th Tap Brewing.

And, Of course, there are plenty of photo ops for the Instagram loving generation.

If you head out there this season, here’s my assessment of the three House of Torment haunts.

The first made me scream. A lot. I don’t know if it’s because it was the first and I wasn’t fully prepared or if that house features the most true scares. Either way, I screamed more than I have in years.

The second was my fave. This one is more of a sensory haunt and I dig that.

The third has clowns. Enough said?

Check out my full experience as documented on my IG stories.

You’ve still got plenty of time to check out the House of Torment because it runs through November 2. Prices start at $19.99 Check out the available dates and learn more here.

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