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Friday Night Lights Filming Locations in Austin – East Dillon High School

We’re back again to continue our Friday Night Lights walk down memory laneWe’ve covered a lot of the remaining locations already but still have a few more to go! We already told you where you can visit West Dillion High School but this week we’re taking you to East Dillion High School. Which isn’t introduced until season 4 of FNL. The 4th season focuses on the reopening of East Dillion and Coach Taylor trying to get the East Dillion Lions football team together through countless hurtles.

East Dillon High School

3908 Avenue B. 

East Dillon was filmed at Baker Center, which is currently being renovated. We’re not sure what the building will be post renovations. There are rumors that it will be either the Alamo Drafthouse’s new headquarters or affordable housing, or perhaps both! The renovations seem to be happening mostly internally so for the most part, the building still somewhat resembles the school shown in the series. The school in the series was the cause of a lot of issues for both the town and Coach Taylor. It was also where we were introduced to Vince Howard, played by Michael B. Jordan. The Black Panther star plays a troubled teen from the wrong side of the tracks that Coach Taylor takes under his wing and turns him into the QB1 (starting quarterback). In turn Coach finds his purpose after being dropped from West Dillion in season 3. East Dillion becomes a focal point in the final two seasons of the show so naturally it’s on our must-see list. We’re not sure how long it will be standing so see it while you can.

East Dillion East Dillion


Bonus Content:

Michael B. Jordan’s character Vince Howard worked at Ray’s BBQ which sadly no longer exists. Ray’s BBQ much like many of the places used in FNL were in fact real establishments and since the series wrapped nearly 10 years ago it’s natural that many of the locations might no longer exist. Here’s a list of locations used in the series that are no longer standing.
(we know because we checked ourselves).

  • Saracen’s House
  • Alamo Freeze
  • Vince Howard’s House
  • Fran’s
  • Mini Max
  • Ray’s BBQ
  • Ez’s Brick Oven and Grill


As always, we encourage you to check out local filming locales, stop and take pictures but please be mindful. These locations are not just prop houses or buildings but real homes and establishments. Be respectful and courteous with your approach.

Looking for other FNL filming locations? Check out this post that documents ALL of the filming locations still standing as of Fall 2019.

And if you want to relive the glory of the series, it’s currently available to stream on the NBC app (you’ll need to authenticate), Hulu, or Starz.

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