Tim Riggins House

Friday Night Lights Filming Locations in Austin – Tim Riggins House

Any day of the week is the perfect day of the week to reminisce about Friday Night Lights! Especially when that reminiscing has to do with one of our favorite bad boys: Tim Riggins!

After the Friday Night Lights series wrapped, Tim Riggins himself Taylor Kitsch decided to stick around the ATX. Though he does not live in the house from the show, as someone on Instagram seemed to believe.

The Tim Riggins house does still exist though and it makes for a great photo op!
Here are details on where you can find it.

Tim Riggins House

2604 Lehigh Dr., Austin, Texas 78723

Man-o-man if these walls could talk, the hypothetical tales they’d tell about our beloved bad boy. The house is easy to get to and easy to recognize as it looks pretty much the same as it did on the series (though it’s much more inhabitable now).

Has anyone else ever noticed this is NOT the house with the #33 sign in the yard used in the opening credits? No idea where that house is.

Tim Riggins House

As always, we encourage you to check out local filming locales, stop and take pictures but please be mindful. These locations are not just prop houses or buildings but real homes and establishments. Be respectful and courteous with your approach.

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And if you want to relive the glory of the series, it’s currently available to stream on the NBC app (you’ll need to authenticate), Hulu, or Starz.

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