Five Favorite Things about the ATX Television Festival 2019 – Part 1

Before the ATX Television Festival, we listed the five things we were most looking forward to. Now, we’re talking about the five best things we saw/ did/ experienced at the fest.

Let’s start with Sofia, who was a festival first timer.

Sofia’s Five Favorite Things

This year’s ATX Television Festival was my first and may I just say, WOW! With so many events happening at once you could definitely feel the TV buzz throughout the city each day. There were so many things about the TV Fest that I enjoyed, but here are my top five.

  • Having a Casual Conversation with THE James Lafferty and Steven Colletti

Being that One Tree Hill was some pretty hot stuff, I figured the line for the screening of Everyone Is Doing Great would be pretty colossal! So, I got to the screening a bit early. As suspected, the line was long but I was lucky enough to get in early. About five or so minutes after walking in, I spot the men of the hour, Stephen and James; and yes, they’re even more attractive in person.

After wandering around for a minute, they settled in the lobby. Since they were kind of just waiting around, I looked at James and said, “They didn’t have a room for you guys?” and he replied with, “I don’t know, we heard there was coffee.” PRIORITIES, people! That’s a real man! Stephen joined us and we proceeded to have small talk about the weather and whatnot until we were interrupted by a fan asking for a picture. Overall, this was probably my most favorite encounter at the festival!

  • Being Called Out By Cierra Ramirez

I had the pleasure of attending the screening and Q&A for Freeform’s The Fosters spin-off Good Trouble. When it came time for the Q&A, my hand was one of the first up but, unfortunately, I was never called on by the moderator. When it came down to the last question for the panel, Cierra stopped the moderator, gesturing towards me, “Her hands been up since the beginning, I think you should choose her.” I was then able to ask my question. It was a small thing but it was nice to be noticed by someone you look up to and whose work you enjoy.

To put the cherry on top, myself and the rest of the ATXgossip team went to interview the cast of Good Trouble later that afternoon and she remembered me. So I would say that was a pretty flattering experience.

  • Working The Red Carpet

Out of all the boujee events I’ve been to (I previously worked events in LA), I’ve never once attended a red carpet. However, the opening night of the fest was the night! As the stars lined up for interviews and picture ops, I quietly stood behind the stanchions with the rest of the press awaiting my turn to interview the stars. Although I acted as the cameraman, it was truly an honor to be at the carpet and to speak with some of Hollywood’s best up-and-coming TV show actors.

  • Smelling The McSteamy

Unfortunately the red carpet did run a little late which conflicted with the opening night screening of Euphoria. I wanted to attend the screening so I left the carpet to head to the Paramount.

When I arrived, there wasn’t much seating left besides two chairs behind a row of seats taped with white HBO “reserved” papers. I asked the usher who those seats were for and she replied, “Oh, just some HBO executives.” I gave it no further thought. About five minutes later, I look up to find Zendaya standing right next to me waiting to be seated at, you guessed it, the row of seats taped with the white HBO “reserved” papers.

She was followed by the rest of her cast which included, much to my pleasure, Eric Dane who sat right in front of me! He was so close that I could smell his cologne and may I just say, those Mahogany Teakwood Bath and Body Works candles DO. NOT. LIE. So for all of those wondering, you can stop scouring the web for what McSteamy smells like. Let me tell you, the musk was real.

Eric Dane

  • Having The Interviews

In addition to the red carpet, I had the pleasure of getting to sit down and chat with producers Michelle Lang and Ngoc Nguyen of Everyone Is Doing Great. We spoke about all things ATX related and, at the end of our interviews, I asked both of them what advice they’d give to anyone trying the ‘make it’ in the entertainment business. Their responses knocked it out of the park (you’ll have to stay tuned on ATXgossip for those interviews)! It was very inspiring to get up close and personal with two very successful people who are working on a show that I have so deeply fallen in love with. I can’t wait for all of our ATX readers to hear what they had to say.

And there you have it! A first timer’s experience at the ATX Television Festival.

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