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Fans Petition For the Return of Billy the Kidd Morning Show

In early January 96.7 KISS FM’s Billy the Kidd Morning Show was yanked from the air and fans still can’t get over it.

No official statement has been made by iHeart Radio but Billy and Anne Hudson both made announcements on their Instagram accounts.

Billy shared this on January 8 and has not posted since.

Anne shared her sentiments the same day and has only posted one other time since, announcing her new podcast Ask Anne.

Following the cancellation, fans created a petition on

On the petition page, organizer Chalice Anne says:

“There was a horrible mistake made here in Austin, Texas! 96.7 KISS FM took our beloved morning show away from us without any warning or explanation. It wasn’t just any morning show, this group became our best friends and family. Well, we want them back! Billy the Kidd, Anne Hudson, Pooh, Gossip Greg, and Junior should never have been replaced. Let’s get our voices heard and show KISS FM how much we love and miss them!”


I guess this kind of thing happens in the radio all the time. But it seems odd that the show just disappeared with no statement or explanation. In fact, Chalice Anne told us some of the comments/ complaints fans have been making on the station’s Facebook page have been deleted.

The good news is that you can still hear Billy and Anne on air. Billy continues to host afternoons on sister station KHKS (106.1 KISS-FM) in Dallas – which I assume you can find on the iHeart Radio app. Anne now handles the midday shift on both KASE 101 and 96.7 KISS FM.

You can learn more about the petition HERE.

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