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Why You Should Get Behind Everyone Is Doing Great – The James Lafferty and Stephen Colletti Passion Project

Everyone knows James Lafferty and Stephen Colletti from the ever so charming, hit teen WB show, One Tree Hill. And after attending a screening of their new show at the ATX Television Festival, I decided that Everyone is Doing Great is the show to get behind in 2019.

The two actors campaigned on Indiegogo to raise funds to shoot the first season of Everyone is Doing Great.

They wanted the audience to really feel as if they were the studio and show their support for independent television. With a crowdfunded first season, the cast and crew of Everyone is Doing Great announced that they were able to get a total of eight episodes under their belt. That’s two more than they originally projected!

In addition to the screening, I had the pleasure of sitting down at the TV festival with producer and actress, Michelle Lang. Lang serves as an executive producer on Everyone is Doing Great and even has a cameo within the show. We got the chance to not only speak about her role within the show but also about her newly published book, A Mermaids Guide, which guides parents on how to empower their kids.

I also spoke with producer, publicist and Texas raised Ngoc Nguyen. Though Nguyen now handles the publicity for Everyone is Doing Great, she previously worked with SXSW and the ATX Fest where she served as Co-Conference Director for three years.

Of course, I couldn’t speak with these two lovely ladies about Austin without giving them tips on where to take Lafferty and Colletti to get some good ol’ fashioned ATX barbecue!

Now let me tell you a little more about the show. Everyone Is Doing Great takes viewers into the lives of Seth and Jeremy five years after their hit teen TV show Eternal has ended. This coming of age story showcases the characters as they struggle to reclaim the success they once had as well as their love lives. Both of which become more awkward and difficult than they ever imagined. No word on whether the storylines in the series are inspired by the duo’s real life experiences.

The awkwardness is very real in Everyone Is Doing Great and it was even brought up at the Q&A. Lafferty and Colletti spoke about how they wanted the show to be awkward because life is awkward. Our daily lives aren’t always as smooth sailing as TV can make them out to be and this team wanted to make sure the audience feels the emotions just as the characters do.

After seeing the first two episodes, I cannot wait for the rest of the season. This unique show finds the humor in everyday moments that everyone undergoes which every viewer, no matter what walk of life you’re in, can relate to.

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