Don’t Miss Your Shot to See Hamilton in Austin – ATXgossip Review

Hamilton, where do I start? In one word, this show is… brilliant.

This is the face of someone super excited to see Hamilton!

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a genius. Truly.

Going into the Austin show, I tried to keep my expectations low. You see, I’ve been wanting to see this show since the beginning. I tried for tickets multiple times in New York with the original cast, but ticket prices started at over $1000 (I have a friend who paid it and said it was worth it but I just couldn’t justify the expense).

Even with the second cast, the lowest price I could find for a ticket was about $700.

I entered the lottery every day but no luck. BTW, are you aware there’s a Hamilton lottery for Austin too?

Now that we’re on the second touring cast, I was worried I’d be disappointed by the performances.

Disappointed I was not!

There wasn’t one Hamilton cast member who fell short. And I can always find a cast member who falls short (sorry not sorry).

Jon Patrick Walker is hilarious as King George.
Nik Walker as Aaron Burr.

My favorite though? Nik Walker who plays Aaron Burr (sir). He previously played multiple understudy and replacement roles in the show on Broadway and was in the original cast of Motown: the Musical. In the playbill, he also took a little bit of my heart when he included this in his thank you: “ and to both Universal Studios theme parks for adding an express pass option to the Harry Potter rides.”

He tackles the role with confidence and swagger, and a voice that really did blow us all away.

Did I mention my seat was in the 5th row?!

I’ve seen many a friend post on social media after seeing the show, saying it was better than anything they could’ve expected. In all honesty, I expected it to be amazing.

Luckily, it was.

Hamilton plays at the Bass Concert Hall in Austin through June 16.

You can still find single tickets for a show, which I highly recommend. You often times get a better seat that way anyway, and it’s not like you need a neighbor to chat with during the show.

Check what’s available here. And get more info on the aforementioned lottery here.

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