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Best Entertainment Super Bowl Commercials 2019 – And the Austin Connections

Let’s be honest, this was one of those years that the Super Bowl commercials were way more entertaining than the game, some people have told me they ended up playing fantasy football (I assume using the likes of FanDuel and similar sites) during the game, then they tuned in for the adverts. And let’s not even talk about that half time show.

Each year, there are a plethora of celebrities that pop up in the high priced ads and this year was no exception.

Here are our top 10 favorite celebrity fronted Super Bowl commercials of 2019.

#10 – Bumble “The Ball is in Her Court”

Austin based company Bumble enlisted the help of Serena Williams to promote the female empowerment aspect of their dating app. And that’s the not only commercial with ties to the ATX. Check out the others here.

#9 – M&M’s “Bad Passengers”

Christina Applegate fronts this ad as a frustrated driver whose backseat passengers won’t get along. Her threat to eat the M&Ms comes off way less creepy than Danny Devito as an M&M asking people to eat him in last year’s ad.

#8 – Olay “Killer Skin”

Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in this horror film style ad where her facial recognition won’t work because she’s so vastly improved the look of her skin with Olay. Maybe this one hits a little too close to home for me as I often wake up in the morning and my phone refuses to unlock as it doesn’t recognize my face.

#7 – Hyundai “The Elevator”

I’m a fan of Jason Bateman and I find him highly entertaining in this ad where he stars as an elevator operator delivering passengers to painful destinations. “Not so fast captain colon.”

#6 – Bubly “Michael Bublé vs. Bubly”

Michael Bublé is oh so charming IMHO. And he doesn’t disappoint in this ad where he confuses the pronunciation of his last name and Pepsi’s sparkling water product Bubly. Kinda wish he’d have belted out a quick little jingle though. Might I suggest “Haven’t Drank You Yet?” Or perhaps “It’s a Bubly/ Bublé day?”

#5 – Doritos “Chance the Rapper X Backstreet Boys”

There’s no surprise here. Well, you may be surprised I didn’t rank this one higher (though I was always more on an ‘NSYNC girl). Chance the Rapper stars in this ad that ends with him dancing along with the Backstreet Boys in a recreation of the “I Want It That Way” video. It doesn’t really make sense but I still like it.

#4 – Pepsi “Acting Lessons”

It’s not Pepsi’s greatest commercial ever (ummm, hello Britney, Beyoncé, MJ) but Lil Jon and Cardi B both make me giggle is this ad that says Pepsi is more than okay.

#3 – Stella Artois “Change Up the Usual”

Anything with The Dude is gonna rank high with this abider. Seeing Jeff Bridges return to this iconic role was even more refreshing than a Stella Artois would be. Throw in a little Carrie Bradshaw to boot and you’re a definite winner in my world.

#2 – Amazon “Not Everything Makes the Cut”

Again, this one’s a big hit for yours truly based on the casting. Harrison Ford can do no wrong. Except for Hollywood Homicide. Don’t get me started on Hollywood Homicide.

#1 – NFL The 100 Year Game

It’s tough to rank this one any lower than #1 with the amount of guys they worked into this NFL ad. The ratings for the game may have hit a 10-year low, but the league definitely won the night with this Peter Berg directed commercial. Anybody else surprised Berg didn’t find a way to work in Mark Wahlberg?

Oh, and on a laugh out loud note, one of the guys who attended the get-together I was at, is convinced that these players did the ad for free because it was “so fun” for them. Sure, these guys will work for free… in an ad for the NFL! An ad for St. Jude? Maybe. An ad for the NFL? No. Freaking. Way.

What did y’all think of the Super Bowl ads? Be sure to comment below and let us know. Or hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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