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Beecham House Review – Love It Or Leave It With Pod Clubhouse

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Pod Clubhouse to discuss the new to us PBS Masterpiece series Beecham House. I say “new to us” because the series was shot in 2018 and aired in the UK last year, however, it just became available in the US via the PBS app with a Passport account.

That means you can watch all six episodes right now! And if you’re wondering whether or not you should invest the six hours into this show, our podcast episode can help you answer that question.

We touch on the storylines, casting, scenery, critic response, and, most importantly, the hot dudes.

But before we even get into the series, we chat SXSW. And who doesn’t want more discussion about the cancellation of SX?

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Check out my episode of Love It Or Leave It?, the Podcast: Beecham House right here.

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