ATXgossip Review: Bombshell Is Powerful

As I left the theater after seeing the FOX News expose Bombshell. I was immediately asked to write down my thoughts on the film. It’s always a struggle to write a brief review immediately upon the conclusion of a film. Good stories sit with you and it takes some time to process. That is definitely the case with this film.

Here’s my initial statement:

Powerful performances. Powerful story. Powerful message, especially to the generation that hasn’t yet dealt with a lot of things that happen in the real world.

Now, let me expand on that last part.

Throughout the film, I listened to the girl next to me get so emotional and exasperated by the daily workplace going ons in the film. It was such an eye-opening experience for me. As she commented on things aloud to her friend and called out “Dick!” to the person, I sat there thinking, “Meh. Par for the course.”

I wasn’t so nonchalant about the actual sexual misconduct. My lack of shock was more about the sexualization of women and the way men talk about and to women in the workplace. And then there were the women who showed no support for their sisters and actually conspired against them.

So many of us have been there and accepted it. Because that’s just the way it was… is? I like to think things have changed. But I’m pretty sure we still have a long way to go.

My advice? Put your political views aside and go see Bombshell. Yes, there’s a portion of the storyline focused on Megyn Kelly and Trump – how could there not be? But this is not a movie about politics.

It’s a movie about life.

Bombshell is in theaters nationwide on Friday, December 20.

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