9021-OMG! Here’s Our Recap / Review of BH90210

If you’re a 90’s kid like me, you surely remember Beverly Hills, 90210. If you’re not, then you are on par with the many millennials I encountered today. You see, to celebrate tonight’s much anticipated premiere of BH90210, I was wearing a classic 90210 themed shirt featuring Luke Perry as Dylan McKay

“Who is that?” I was asked.

“Luke Perry on Beverly Hills, 90210,” I answered.

“Never seen it,” they replied.

I believe one guy even went so far as to say, “Never heard of it.”

Seriously you ask? Yes, seriously.

I told that one guy that Perry was most recently on “Riverdale.” Said guy lit up, saying, “I hear that’s a great show!”

As much as I love seeing the series return, the absence of Perry is painful. Though he was with me in spirit tonight thanks to my Illuminidol candle.

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Now back to the series…

Donna Martin exaggerates! And so does the rest of the cast. But that was to be expected, right?

BH90210 is a fun flashback to our childhood – for those of us who aren’t millennials, that is.

It’s silly. It’s quirky. And diehard fans will love it.
In fact, here’s what a few of those fans said on Twitter during the premiere episode.


But I’m pretty sure this reboot won’t be garnering any new fans.
Here are some other tweets that came across my feed.

Here’s what I get…

All in all, it’s great to see the gang back together. And I can’t wait to see what other actors/ characters pop up on the remaining five episodes. But I’m a true fan. A true fan who can honestly admit, this reboot isn’t for everyone. I’ll be surprised if it gets a second season on FOX.

But then again. I’m the dummy who thought The Masked Singer wouldn’t work.

Masked Singer

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