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9 Highlights from the Moontower Comedy Festival 2018 in Austin

Some well known comedians came to Austin for the Moontower Comedy Festival 2018 and ATXgossip was there for all the laughs.

However, it wasn’t me. Since I was on an East coast tour, hitting up a few festivals and experiencing Charleston, SC, like a Southern Charmer, our pal David Ho attended the fest and sent us these highlights.

Highlight 1 – Everyone was HIGHlarious

“The timing of the festival around 4/20 seemed to be kismet. Almost all of the comedians mentioned the date or the fact they were high during their performances.”

No surprise here.

Highlight 2 – The Live Podcasts

View from the Cheap Seats

“This is hosted by the Sklar Brothers and they are always a riot. They have the bit about being identical twins and being able to finish each other’s sentences and punch lines down pat. In addition to hosting a few events during the festival, they recorded their podcast where the guest was fellow comedian Big Jay Oakerson.” In the future there are plans to stream audio live alongside the podcast recording, but they haven’t been finalized just yet.

The Dork Forest

“This one is hosted by Jackie Kashian and her guests were fellow comedians Janelle James, Erin Foley and Martha Kelly. The subject of discussion was TV shows with strong female leads and “murder shows.” Like many other people, true crime shows seem to piqued the interest of everyone on the panel. It was amusing not only listening to their viewpoints on the presumed killer, but also the deceased.”

Will You Accept This Rose?

“Hosted by Arden Myrin and Erin Foley, their guests were Lauren Lapkus, Paget Brewster, Jasmine Goode and Alexis Waters. They basically riff about any and all people that are on the current iteration of The Bachelor(ette).”

Sounds like they have a lot of ridiculously stupid material to work with. Did I just say that out loud?

Highlight 3 – Judah Friedlander

“Judah Friedlander is always great. I’ve actually seen him perform before but his unique style of comedy includes audience participation and, of course, finding a select few people to pick on. His set this year was all about his platform for running for President of the United States.”

And, again, I say that it sounds like he has a lot of ridiculously stupid material to work with.

Highlight 4 – Janeane Garafalo

“Janeane Garofalo was funny as well. I remember her from the movies she was in during the 90s. She’s a self admitted “clean” comedian and doesn’t like to swear or use dick jokes. She just has a funny view of life and can filibuster anything at any time.”

I honestly only remember two movies she was in during the 90s: Reality Bites and Romy and Michelle. I also remember she was on SNL during one of the most horrible eras of the series.

Highlight 5 – Preacher Lawson

“Preacher Lawson delivers a great routine just as he did on America’s Got Talent. He’s a very funny man and can hold his own with the best of them. He’s definitely a star on the rise.”

You can see Preacher’s AGT appearance here.

Highlight 6 – Tiffany Haddish

“Tiffany Haddish is so hot right now… figuratively and literally. All the comedians were talking about her standup and her acting chops and she delivered in her set which I was able to see on the last night. She had the audience doubling over in to the aisles and had everyone eating out of the palm of her hand.”

I’m not sure if David meant to invoke Zoolander with that opening sentence, but I read it as if he is every time.

Highlight 7 – Mike Birbiglia

“His show stood out because he tells a personal story and lines each part of his set with witty and funny anecdotes. He’s a sleepwalker and must be zipped up in a special sleeping bag with mittens after chaining the door because he had an instance a few years ago where he sleepwalked and jumped out a second story window. This resulted in him needing over 30 stitches. That statement right there is filled with gold nuggets.”

I thought I had issues sleeping, but this dude definitely wins.

Highlight 8 – The Comedy Resistance

“Hosted by David Cross, he and several other comedians go out in public in whatever city they are performing to register new voters. It’s not about whether you vote Republican or Democrat or Libertarian or Green or Purple or Polka Dot. It’s about the fact that you exercise your right to do so. The group included Maria Bamford, Ted Leo, Judah Friedlander and Mike Birbiglia.”

Interesting that David didn’t pick Orange as one of his colorful parties.

Highlight 9 – Ryan Hamilton

“Not going to lie… I had no idea who he was. But he was funny. He’s originally from Idaho and lives in NYC now, so his main comedy focus is more of a fish out of water observance of life. He has a Netflix special so you too can check him out.”

So there you have it folks. A list of nine highlights from Moontower Comedy Festival 2018. Not 10. Just nine. I guess David thought it would be funny to give me an unusually odd number of highlights. Whatever.

To see a list of all of the most recognizable comedians who attended this year’s fest, click here.

And to see highlights from Moontower Comedy Festival 2017, check this out.

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