On this eve of Thanksgiving, like most of you, I’m reflecting on life and thinking about the people I’m most for. And so, it seems most appropriate to give thanks for friends like Cookie, Carrie, Rayna and Liz Taylor. You know, the ladies I spend most nights with.

Here are the 10 TV shows currently airing that I am most thankful for.

10 – Vampire Diaries

This is really a toss up between The Vampire Diaries and Reign. And while I am aware that most TVD fans have moved on to The Originals, I appreciate the twists we’re getting this season on TVD

It hasn’t COMPLETELY jumped the shark just yet.

9 – Empire

Boo boo kitty, I must be honest; this season is so not as good as the last. But, I’m still watching. Like my mom said when I asked why she still watches even though she thinks the series has gotten “too gross.”

“I still want to know what happens,” she says.

 8 – Saturday Night Live

Yep. I’m an SNL fan through and through. Even when it’s not funny, I watch. Actually, when you think it’s not funny, I probably still find humor in it.

Lorne Michaels for President.

7 – Homeland

This should rank higher on the list but it’s not one of my must watch shows each week. It’s good, don’t get me wrong. But I can wait a week to watch. Mostly because I have to be 100 percent committed to paying attention when I do.

6 – Jane the Virgin

JTV is just plain fun. It’s ridiculous, yes. But it’s fun and that’s what really matters. Plus, Britney Spears co-starred this season so there’s that.

5 – Scandal

OK, so this season isn’t as great as seasons past. And they will surely run out of storylines very soon. But it’s still a guilty pleasure to follow the cat and mouse game that is Liv and Fitz.

4 – Nashville

As with the previous choice, this season isn’t swell. But, I love when Scarlett sings. So, each week, I sit with anticipation hoping that will happen.

3 – American Horror Story

Since I wasn’t able to watch last season due to that damn clown, I’m happy to be back on board with the AHS cult.

Gaga is killing it (literally) and I’m loving it. 

2 – Walking Dead

I can’t believe the mid-season finale is coming. But, at least I get my Sunday nights back. Seriously. My poor roommate walks in around 9:30 every week and wants to tell me something and is forced to wait 30 minutes to talk. 

My love for Carol and Daryl runs deep.

1 – The Leftovers

I really really dig this season of The Leftovers. I wasn’t even that big of a fan in season one. I just kept watching to see how the departure would be explained. Then I found out it wouldn’t and I was pissed.

But I’m back and I’m hooked (and the fact that it’s shot in Austin actually has nothing to do with it). That episode last week with Kevin and the alternate plane (if that’s what it was) has me totally buggin’. 

Much like the way I will be feeling the day after Thanksgiving, I need more Leftovers NOW!