This is your friendly reminder that the Fosters spin-off Good Trouble returns to Freeform tonight at 7pm.

Like its parent show, Good Trouble is filled with romance, drama and lots of turmoil as sisters Callie and Mariana Foster navigate the waters of young adult life in bustling downtown Los Angeles. Mariana spends her days tackling the male-dominated world of tech while Callie faces the harsh realities of the legal system, clerking for a federal judge. Of course, their love lives dominate much of the series as well.

In season two, we can expect to see Callie continue to struggle with her feelings for both Gael and Jamie (and hopefully make a choice). Mariana, however, finally embraced her feelings for Raj in the season one finale so we should see that relationship blossom, as well as those of their friends at The Coterie.

One of the biggest intertwining storylines of season one involves the Jamal Thompson case.

At the ATX Television Festival we crossed paths with Nicki Micheaux, who plays Sandra Thompson. When asked if that story would wrap up quickly or continue throughout the season, Micheaux simply smiled and said nothing.

Micheaux’s not the only cast member we chatted with at the fest.

Maia Mitchell and Cierra Ramirez were also on hand to chat about all things Good Trouble and thank fans for their support. 

During a Q&A with the gals and writer Joanna Johnson, they were asked if any other Fosters spin-offs were planned or discussed (we’re guessing the crowd is hoping to see more of MTV’s newly crowned best kisser Noah Centineo). Johnson explained that it simply made sense to develop more of a story for Mariana and Callie because the two have so much chemistry. Mitchell then quickly jumped in to exclaim, “It just fit so perfectly,” explaining that she and her “best friend” Ramirez are inseparable IRL.

Good Trouble

Maia Mitchell and Cierra Ramirez at the ATX Television Festival 2019

ATXgossip staffer Sofia Herrera closed out the ATX Fest panel by asking, “Seeing that you guys did grow up with your characters, is there anything you find yourself doing that you’ve learned from Callie and Mariana, that you’ve taken into your lives?”

Mitchell explained how she’s learned to be less impulsive, stating, “I like to think that I have my shit together a bit more than Callie does.”

This, of course, filled the audience with lots of laughter.

We expect we’ll be filled with all kinds of emotion as we watch the season two premiere of Good Trouble tonight on Freeform at 7pm.


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