The pedicab driver who pulled Lady Gaga on stage.

On Jimmy Kimmel’s final broadcast from Austin’s Long Center, the late night host turned barbeque addict listed the nine things he learned from his time in the ATX.

1 – Austinites are some of the kindest most welcoming people on the planet (unless your name is Rick Perry).

2 – Pickles are served with ribs so that you feel like you have eaten something green.

3 – If you follow a man with a beard, he will lead you to a panel discussion on increasing your social media presence.

4 – Tacos are the real breakfast of champions.

5 – Matthew McConaughey has a brother named Rooster.

One of the “Are you drunk?” interviewees.

6 – The best haircuts come with a can of Lone Star Beer.

7 – The key to the city doesn’t actually unlock anything.

8 – A pedicab is not a cab you can get a pedicure in.

9 – if you say “Hook ’em Horns,” people will scream very very very loudly.

I must say, as someone who doesn’t usually watch Kimmel (Jimmy Fallon is my soulmate), I thoroughly enjoyed the shows and this other Jimmy has found a new fan in me.

I also enjoyed crossing paths with some colorful characters featured on the show throughout the week

I’d love to say more, but unfortunately we’re out of time.

ATXgossip’s Dani Dudek and Guillermo.