We still haven’t fully recovered from the July 9th Season Two finale of Outlander.

Ugly girl crying? Yeah, we subscribed to that IN BULK.  

Sure, there was that whole Jamie and Claire “will they won’t they, don’t touch the stones, HE’S ALIVE NOW TOUCH THE STONES AGAIN” thing.  But there was also this.

Outlander finale

Spoiler alert: it doesn’t end well for Dougal. 

We believe EVERYTHING we see on TV, so imagine our excited surprise when ATX Gossip insider David snapped this picture at San Diego Comic Con today!

There he is in all his dashing, balded glory – Graham McTavish! Alive and well. Phew. 

The actor is not at SDCC to promote Outlander (for obvious reasons). He starts along side Dominic Cooper in AMC’s Preacher.  On the show, McTavish plays The Saint of Killers, a bounty hunter with god-like powers who is on a mission to kill Jesse (Cooper).  Hmm. Soooo he’s playing Dougal? 

Either way, damn good to see you again!