Before season 3 of Southern Charm premieres on Monday, a large chunk of the cast gathered at Boone Hall Plantation’s cotton dock in Charleston. They were there to celebrate Gentry Bourbon, launched by part-time cast member and full time restaurateur JD Madison.

Cast members Shep Rose and Cameran Eubanks were missing from the celebration but they had a good excuse. The dynamic duo were out in Cali promoting the show on entertainment series’ like ET and the popular podcast AfterBuzz TV.

The cast in attendance seemed to get along beautifully. Perhaps that’s because one notable personality was missing from the happy occasion.

Thomas Ravenel’s absence may have something to do with the clip Bravo released from the season premiere where the former political hopeful berates his fellow cast members. 

On Tuesday, Ravenel tweeted:

So sick of carrying this stupid show so some idiots can get a check outside mommy and daddy’s wallet and pocketbooks.

— Thomas Ravenel (@Thomasravenel) March 29, 2016

The tweet has since been deleted. Meanwhile, Kathryn was all smiles in T-Rav’s absence. We overheard the Southern beauty speaking not so kindly of her baby daddy. We presume the two have been on the outs since their ugly social media quarrel in February.


But, who can say that this is the end for the tumultuous couple. In their After Buzz interview, Cameran claims she thinks they’ve finally quit each other. However, Shep is quick to fire back,

“Don’t make that assumption. How many times have we thought that?”

The entire interview, which you can watch here, is quite entertaining. Especially when Cam claims that she and Shep pride themselves on not being affected reality people.

“We’re infamous,” Shep replies. “It’s not like we were just in The Revenant.”

Craig Conover at Charleston Fashion Week.


Two weeks ago, we ran into Craig Conover at Charleston Fashion Week and chatted about the new season and his new love (well, new since last season). The happy couple recently moved into a house in Old Village near Shem Creek. Craig also seemed happy about the direction of this season of Charmed. He assured us it focuses more on their lifestyles and personalities and less on the drama.

Judging by that Bravo clip, we’re calling bull shit.


Southern Charm premieres Monday, April 4, at 9pm on Bravo.