ATX Gossip’s series of SXSW previews continues with an outrageous comedy called Assholes.

Assholes revolves around recovering addicts struggling to stay sober, who relapse and become the biggest assholes in New York City.


We asked the Director/Actor Peter Vack how this project came about.

“I wanted to make a film that mixed autobiographical elements with absurdist humor; Assholes is the product of this desire!”

What we didn’t ask him and wish we would have is why he cast his real-life family in the film.

Hopefully, we’ll cross paths at the fest and get to chat about that.

While Vack has been to the festival numerous times as an actor and for a short he screened in 2014, he’s making his feature directorial debut with Assholes in the Narrative Feature category.

And that’s not the only project he’s connected to this year. In addition to acting in his own film, he’s a part of the cast of three other SXSW films: Anthony Onah’s feature debut Dara Ju, Natalia Leite’s sophomore feature MFA and Gillian Wallace Horvat’s short film Whisky Fist.

All of these projects will give Vack plenty of opportunities to mingle with his peers.

“I love meeting filmmakers and talking to people who love independent film as much as I do.”

Since this isn’t Vack’s first trip to the fest, we sent along our Totally Texan questions along knowing he’s have no trouble answering.

What is your favorite movie and/or TV show shot in Texas?


Who is your favorite Texas musician?

Travis Scott.

What actor would you call Totally Texan?

 Mathew McConaughey.

What Texas food are you most looking forward to eating in Austin?

Barbecue, of course.

What advice do you have for Austinites looking to get into the biz? 

Do your creative work every day.  Everything else will follow from that practice.


You can see Assholes at the following times during the fest:

Saturday, March 11, at 10:30pm at Alamo Lamar.

Monday, March 13, at 7:30pm at Alamo Lamar.

Wednesday, March 15, at 10:30pm at Alamo Lamar.


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