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Austin actor Olivia Applegate is the next big thing

We’re calling it now. Olivia Applegate is gonna make it. She’s not only talented, but also completely charming, as we found out when we met her at the Texas Film Awards. This week, the native Austinite stars in not one… Continue Reading →

The ladies behind Inheritance talk SXSW, two-stepping and the White Horse

Writers and directors of the film Inheritance Laura E. Davis and Jessica Kaye are making their first appearance as filmmakers at SXSW 2017. Before chatting about Austin and the Lone Star State, we asked the dynamic duo to describe their… Continue Reading →

Jeff Malberg talks Spettacolo, SXSW and the Salt Lick

The SXSW film Spettacolo is about a tiny hill town in Tuscany that has been turning their lives into a play for the last 50 years. The documentary (yep, there’s a town that really does that) is directed by Jeff… Continue Reading →

The world of Hugh Hefner comes to SXSW with American Playboy

The world of Hugh Hefner has always been an intriguing one. In 2011, NBC attempted to take us inside his world with The Playboy Club. Sadly, the scripted series was cancelled after three episodes. However, he has seen success with… Continue Reading →

Rachael Ray returns to SXSW 2017

The Rachael Ray SXSW trend continues in 2017. That’s right, the celebrity chef and talk show host is back hosting her Feedback party for the 10th year! The best selling author is also an official SXSW speaker this year. Her… Continue Reading →

Jason Headley talks A Bad Idea Gone Wrong, SXSW and Micklethwait Craft Meats.

When two thieves accidentally arm the alarm system and have to break OUT of the house they just broke into, that’s a bad idea gone wrong. Hence the name of our next SXSW film profile. As if that’s not bad… Continue Reading →

The ladies behind Signature Move talk lucha libre, Texas and losing their SXSW virginity

The SXSW film Signature Move is described as a comedic and heartfelt look at modern families and the complexities of love in its many forms. More intriguing, perhaps, is the fact that the film involves lucha style wrestling. But, before… Continue Reading →

Peter Vack talks SXSW, Independent Film and Assholes

ATX Gossip’s series of SXSW previews continues with an outrageous comedy called Assholes. Assholes revolves around recovering addicts struggling to stay sober, who relapse and become the biggest assholes in New York City.   We asked the Director/Actor Peter Vack… Continue Reading →

Will Perez Hilton return to SXSW 2017

SInce 2008, there have been killer Perez Hilton SXSW parties in Austin. And ATXgossip has been there since day one. As the years have gone by, SXSW parties have gotten more competitive and, let’s face it, more commercial. As to… Continue Reading →

Jessica M. Thompson talks The Light of the Moon, SXSW and keeping Austin weird

Each year, ATX Gossip brings you previews of programming that’s taking center stage at SXSW Film. This year is no different. First up is The Light of the Moon from writer, director and producer Jessica M. Thompson. Making its world… Continue Reading →

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