When two thieves accidentally arm the alarm system and have to break OUT of the house they just broke into, that’s a bad idea gone wrong.

Hence the name of our next SXSW film profile.

A bad idea gone wrong

As if that’s not bad enough, the would be thieves come to discover an unexpected house sitter and suddenly have to deal with a hostage situation, double crosses, sexual tension and other discoveries that make their difficult escape even more dubious.

Writer/ director Jason Headley told us what inspired the narrative feature.

“I was tired of writing scripts that were too big to get up off the ground. So I engineered this story to be easy to make, without sacrificing anything in the way of story.”

While Headley has submitted musical work to the festival in the past, this is his first time actually attending.

“Back when I had a band, we submitted to the music festival every year and never got in. I took the hint, regrouped and now I’m back.”

He has, however, been to the ATX, a city he says has been interminably kind to him in so many ways.

 “I’m just looking forward to being back in its loving arms and seeing what sort of magic it has in store for me this time.”
Since he loves Austin, he was quick to answer five of our Totally Texan questions.

What is your favorite movie and/or TV show shot in Texas?

That’s an impossible question. But, because Paul Newman is the ultimate tie-breaker in almost any situation, I’m going with Hud.

Who is your favorite Texas musician?

Townes Van Zandt

What actor would you call “totally Texan?”

Tommy Lee Jones, although I wouldn’t call him that to his face.

What Texas food are you most looking forward to eating in Austin?

The barbecued short rib at Micklethwait.

What advice do you have for Austinites looking to get into the biz?

Make things that you like. Be an audience of one. Then, if anyone else ever likes what you make, you’ll know exactly why. And how to make more of it.

You can see A Bad Idea Gone Wrong at the following times during the fest:

Saturday, March 11, at 3:30pm at Stateside.

Sunday, March 12, at 12:45pm at Alamo Lamar.

Wednesday, March 15, at 6:00pm at Alamo Lamar.


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