Who would have thought you could do an entire movie about one piece of movie memorabilia? 

After watching The Slippers, we are most definitely sold on the concept. 


For our Hollywood loving hearts, real life film props from Old Hollywood are magical. So, we totally get the appeal of this film. Especially since it’s about the most magical movie prop of all time, the ruby red slippers.

These gems, these pieces of Hollywood history, aren’t just props. They’re a part of the story; a part of the studios.


It’s not just about that simple shiny shoe. It’s about the making of the film. It’s about how that film endured for years and years, bringing magic to the hearts of all of us.

We live for that stuff. 

And we are not alone. There are people who collect for a living. Lots of people. And it’s no surprise that collectors love The Wizard of Oz. 

Did you know the Oz books were the Harry Potter of their time? They were purchased by MGM as a vehicle specifically for Judy Garland. Judy IS Dorothy. And those slippers are magic.

You may be surprised to learn that movie collectibles haven’t always been “a thing.” In fact, back in the day, studios pitched those old costumes into dusty dirty warehouses, refurbished their materials, even used some for cleaning rags.

And it was years until the ruby red slippers were discovered. Then, come to find out, there were multiple pairs. 

And the drama ensued. They’ve been hoarded, auctioned, coveted, even stolen. Who knew a shoe could cause such melee? Well, it’s not that BIG of a shock now is it?

Yes, this movie is about the slippers. But, more importantly, it’s about the classic era of movie making and how one man, and one prop, saved this aspect of our history.

That’s what Hollywood is, after all. It’s a piece of our history. And it’s magical.

You can see The Slippers (and we recommend that you do) during SXSW at the following times:

Friday, March 11, at 6:30pm at Alamo Lamar D
Saturday, March 12, at 11:30am at Alamo Slaughter
Tuesday, March 15, at 3pm at Alamo Lamar B
Friday, March 18, at 1:15pm at Alamo Lamar D