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ATXgossip’s top stories of 2016

2016 was a wild year where the lows seemed to outnumber the highs. Even our top stories of 2016 seem to rank as lows (I’m looking at you, Southern Charm). Though the majority of the list is dominated by SXSW, as it… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Best Christmas Movies

Ohhhh the weather outside is fri– wait, how the flip would we know? Who’s got time to go outside with the best Christmas movies to watch this time of year! So, double up on that drunken organic soynog or whatever… Continue Reading →

Top 10 pics from Austin Comic Con 2016

To follow up on our post about the top 10 celebrities you could encounter at Wizard World’s Austin Comic Con, we went in search of the top 10 pictures we could find with said celebs. These are the top 10… Continue Reading →

Tasty Tuesday, brought to you by celebrity wines

Apparently, a winery is a good investment. At least, that’s how it seems judging by all the celebrity owned wineries. Yes, everyone knows the Coppola’s own a booming wine business, but some of these others may surprise you. Here are… Continue Reading →

Top 10 new Fall TV shows 2016

So many channels, so many new shows… this was a tough task. It’s no secret that we love us some TV. All summer long, we wait with mounting anticipation for the Fall TV shows to premiere. Thank goodness we have… Continue Reading →

Our Made in America series featuring the best movies shot in each state continues with the top 10 Georgia films, AKA movies made in the state that’s always on our minds. But before we even dive in to the movie magic from the great… Continue Reading →

There’s more than corn in Indiana. That’s why we decided to make the Hoosier State our next choice in the top 10 movies Made in America series. It’s no surprise that half the Indiana films list is sports related. What… Continue Reading →

Our series of the best movies shot in each state continues with the two states where nothin’ could be finer. Had we split Carolina films into two lists, there’d have been too many Nicholas Sparks films even our chick flick… Continue Reading →

Well, the title kind of says it all, doesn’t it? We’re talking Texas film in this edition of Made in America. You can look forward to profiles of the best movies shot in each state coming soon. But, first, we start with… Continue Reading →

Best of SXSW 2016 – Our top 10 moments

It’s been a week and we’ve finally recovered from SXSW 2016… we think.    What a whirlwind!    If you followed us on Instagram, you know we had an absolute killer time. Which made it difficult to pick just 10… Continue Reading →

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