2016 was a wild year where the lows seemed to outnumber the highs. Even our top stories of 2016 seem to rank as lows (I’m looking at you, Southern Charm). Though the majority of the list is dominated by SXSW, as it always is.

Here are the 10 top stories of 2016.

#10 – Hairspray Live cast revealed

The most amusing part about this post is that it turned out to be completely wrong. But, hey, that just puts us in the same league as the tabloids. At least we didn’t know it was wrong when we posted it.

#9 – Jason Cohen talks SXSW, Silicon Cowboys and Salt Lick BBQ

Each year, we profile filmmakers screening projects as SXSW. While Austin is the land of Dell, it seems people are also interested in the Compaq computer as that’s what Silicon Cowboys is about.

#8 – Best moments from the Southern Charm season 3 premiere

As much as we’ve heard people complaining about how awful Bravo’s Southern Charm is, it keeps getting renewed. Season 4 filming in Charleston has wrapped AND the franchise is expanding to Savannah. So, we should have much more to write and cringe about in 2017.

#7 – Matthew Newton talks about his return to SXSW with second film, From Nowhere

This film about three undocumented teenagers intrigued us. Apparently, our readers were intrigued as well.

#6 – Best of SXSW – Our top 10 moments from 2016

No surprise here. Our SXSW wrap up included mentions of Carol Burnett, McBride, Ethan Hawke, Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Cullen. Don’t know who Tom Cullen is? You should!

#5 – Who dies in the Walking Dead finale

We had to wait months to find out who died on TWD. Which gave us months to speculate. I’m proud to say we called this one right. Oh wait, no we didn’t!

#4 – Director Stephen Kijak talks mile-high mohawks, Breaking Bad and We Are X, debuting at SXSW

This film about a once famous Japanese super band shows that there’s still plenty of interest in X Japan.

#3 – A first look at Southern Charm Season 3

Since Bravo didn’t post the trailer for season 3 online, we took it upon ourselves to do so. We also got an exclusive quote from the show’s party planner extraordinaire.

#2 – Official list of celebrities attending SXSW 2016

Always one of our most successful posts, the constantly updated list of celebrities attending SXSW is a staple for fans. 2017’s list has already started.

#1 – Fran Strine shines a spotlight on the unsung heroes of music in new documentary, Hired Gun

And it was yet another SXSW profile that took the top prize. Here’s hoping Fran Strine didn’t enlist the help of an actual hired gun. Though that’s not a bad idea to increase our traffic.