When Anton Yelchin passed suddenly in June 2016, he had completed work on five unreleased films.

One of those projects is set to premiere at SXSW 2017.

Anton Yelchin film SXSW 2017

Porto tells the story of two outsiders in Portugal who once experienced a brief and mysterious connection. Through memories, the pair relive the depths of a night uninhibited by the consequences of time.

In related news, the trailer for one of his other completed works, We Don’t Belong Here, was released earlier this month. Co-starring Catherine Keener, Molly Shannon, Riley Keough, and Maya Rudolph, that film is set to open on April 4.

Rounding out Yelchin’s five completed films are Thoroughbred (which screened at Sundance and is rumored to be released later this year), Rememory (no release date has been set) and, of course, Star Trek Beyond (released in July 2016).

Featured photo courtesy of New Europe Film Sales.