Friday, August 28, 2015

All Top 10 - James Earl Jones best roles

In honor of the James Earl Jones death hoax, we're reflecting on the man with the golden voice. I mean, really, his voice is pure gold. 

These are our favorite James Earl Jones roles.

#10 - The Great White Hope

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

All Top 10 - Pop Culture Headlines August 26, 2015

Before we even tell you which pop culture headlines will be discussed this week, it's important that you listen for the following highlights in this week's video: Hasselhoff (when Hasselbeck is the person being referred to), six inches (when a foot is being referred to) and a whole lot of incredibly cheesy cheerleading.

With that being said, this week's topics include:
  • Bring it On turns 15

  • The Ashley Madison scandal

  • Jared Fogle from Subway

  • Dancing with the Stars contestants

  • One Direction hiatus

  • Megan Fox/ Brian Austin Green divorce

  • Joseph Gordon Levitt is a married father

  • Alison Sweeney leaving Biggest Loser

  • Candace Cameron joins The View

  • The Unauthorized Full House fail

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

All Top 10 - TV series' most likely to get a reboot

In an email we received from an online gambling company, they listed the odds for the TV series' most likely to get a reboot. Analysts at the website posted the following odds on these favorite shows :
  • Gilmore Girls 20/1
  • Buffy 35/1
  • Sex and the City 55/1
  • Friends 72/1
  • Degrassi 95/1
  • Seinfeld 200/1

This inspired us to list out the top 10 shows we'd like to see back on the air. There are a few shows that we'd have chosen had they not already been granted a reboot (90210, duh) and even more already set to return (Fuller House, X Files, The Muppet Show, Twin Peaks). 

Monday, August 24, 2015

All Top 10 - The Unauthorized Full House Movie moments

Yep, we watched Lifetime's Unauthorized Full House Movie

Yep, we're idiots.
If you thought the Saved by the Bell Movie was bad, think again. Even an entire bottle of wine couldn't make this film entertaining, though it did add to the value of our comments.

Here are the best/worst moments from the Unauthorized Full House Movie.

#10 - Cut. It. Out. and a woodchuck impression will not get you on SNL. 

Sorry 'bout your luck, Uncle Joey. Wait. No we're not.

#9 - Bob Saget actually was on a morning TV show.

Bob Saget actually was on a morning TV show?!

#8 - Bromance works!

Guys, maybe this show will work if we really become friends IRL. Genius!

#7 - Bob Saget made Danny OCD.

Speaking of genius, Bob totally honed in on the OCD angle years before As Good as it Gets. TV anchor by day, method actor by night. Now if only he could figure out how to get another job.

#6 - Don't get Left Behind.

Not only did Kirk Cameron's religion ruin Growing Pains, it infested the Full House set before the twins even turned 4.

#5 - And the best portrayal goes to...

Kimmy Gibbler. Nobody filled the shoes of their real life counterpart like the chick playing Gibbler. Though, no one even noticed her. So, it was kind of like real life.

#4 - And the worst portrayal goes to...

The chick playing DJ. Candace Cameron should be offended. As typed in a slightly tipsy state, that girl was ugly as sh!t.

#3 - The Olsen twins were cast by chance.

For all of you obsessed with stage parents and how they ruin their children's lives, know that Mama Olsen didn't even pitch her adorable(?) tykes. They were on site by coincidence... and later, their mom almost gave them the no way dude thumbs down on series stardom. 

#2 - Where was Comet?

Seriously? Where was Comet? Perhaps locked upstairs confused as to why the unauthorized set was completely different from the actual show set.

#1 - It ain't over til the Gin Blossoms sing.

The movie ends with a Gin Blossoms tune. That has to have been the only song they could afford to purchase for this piece of crap.

And now, we look forward to Fuller House even more.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

All Top 10 - Movies set in Summer

In honor of the (cringe) end of summer, we discuss our top 10 favorite summer films. 

From the obvious to the absurd, we invite you to put the top down, throw your hands up and come along for the ride.


Missed your fave? Comment below or tweet us and let us know about it!